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Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.

Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights?

Being a free people requires certain duties and responsibilities that can only be ignored at our own peril.


The responsibility to defend you and your family ultimately rests upon YOU!


You have a DUTY to assist your neighbors in defending ALL rights together.

Historically, you cannot successfully defend your rights, nor your neighbor's rights, if you STAND ALONE.

You must unite with your neighbors, organize yourselves and prepare for WHEN those that believe they have the right to take control of your property, your children, even your body, come to force their will upon you. 

WHEN they come, if you are united with your neighbors, you will be able to stand side by side each other and say, NO WAY. You will be able to successfully defend yourself, your family and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.

Let's face it, our governmental systems of defense are deteriorating quickly!  Government officials, more and more, are becoming the type of people we must defend ourselves from.  As people in government deteriorate our traditional defense systems, you and your family become less and less secure from all types of criminals.  Government criminals and street criminals.  We must not be left defenseless!

Ask yourself this crucial question...          

      Who would you call right now if you needed help defending your rights against government agents?

When it is no longer "legal" to grow your own food, educate your children or operate your own business, who will you call?  Who will you call when the law mandates that unknown chemicals be injected into your body or the bodies of your children?  Who will you call when street criminals roam your neighborhood, threatening your family and the police will not respond?  Who will you call when due process is denied to you because of political opinion?  

Do you believe this would never happen to you? 

Government officials all over the United States are becoming more and more forceful on people who never thought it would happen to them, just everyday families.  Crimes in neighborhoods all over the United States are at an all time high with only political responses from the law.

So...who will you call when state officials are seeking to take your children away because THEY believe differently than YOU?

Who?   Do you think you can stand against them alone?  Do you think 911 will respond to protect you and your family in a riot or against other police?   

The question now has an answer.

The People's Rights Network is currently more than 65,000 strong.  Hundreds of people join each week, they are uniting to assist each other in securing their rights.  The People's Rights Network covers every State of the Union, & Canada and is effectively bringing like-minded neighbors together.

So, who will you call when your rights are threatened?

You will call your neighbors!  You will know who they are and how to contact them.  They will also know who you are and how to respond and act quickly.  This is what we -- as good neighbors -- should and must do to preserve our freedom, families, faith and future.  

This is how freedom has always been secured.

UNITE with Your Neighbors

DNOT  find YOURSELF standing ALONE!



Have your family, friends and neighbors   Text RIGHTS to 833‐404‐4999.
After sending the text, a link to this secure online form will be sent to them: www.peoplesrights.net/join

Freedom is secured by uniting together as neighbors, People’s Rights helps that to happen! 

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